What I’m Doing These Days

Sometimes I feel like I am a million people in one. I went from three years of little to no writing in the name of writer’s block to now I feel like a boar running to find its prey. I am operating in overdrive and in between reading, writing, and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy I feel beat. Not to mention that I am a full-time mom, doctoral student, and significant other to the greatest man on Earth, my rainbeau.

With all of that aside, I have been trying hard to contact WyClef Jean. I e-mailed him,  tweeted,  blog blocked, and called his representative at  Columbia Records and left a message. I  have “@Wyclef this….. @Wyclef that….”  in my tweets like crazy but success is futile at this point. So, WyClef, if you could entertain a tiny speck as Horton did, then please hear my cry from the land of  Little People: I’d like for you to either submit a story about a time in your life when someone was a source of support for you or vice versa for Hold My Hand. This is for the people of Haiti and to provide them with a sense of courage and belief. All proceeds are going to your mother country. In the world of entertainment, I guess I am asking for an “endorsement” but in my little world, I am asking  for support and authenticity. As I type this, I guess I should ask my Haitian friends to contribute as well, right, WyClef? If you don’t respond then I may just come to your concert in New Orleans this May to see if I can ask you face-to-face (but then I will appear stalkerish and ergghh, I don’t do that). I call it “persistence.” Yeah, I’m persistent.

There, that is over and my plea will probably remain lost in cyberspace but at least I tried, right?!? I am not giving up just yet, believe that. However, what I have given up on slightly is overseas teaching. I am done with emails that go unanswered or empty promises, so if God wants me to teach in a third world country then he will make it happen. I am “on to the next one.”

Until then, I am still trying to add “Dr.” to my name so I am off to write an 1800 word essay on my stance on  having a “core knowledge as academic responsibility.” Sadly, the world I am trying so hard to grasp is like sand in an open palm – seemingly intangible but that’s another blog, another day.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Nick
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 08:03:17

    Hang in there baby and Hold My Hand will happen. I believe in you and your talents.


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