Traveling Soul

I love to travel. I love it. It’s escapism for me. It’s voyeurism for me. There’s nothing like getting into a vehicle or  stepping on a  plane and just leaving life behind with the desire to find something new, if only momentarily. I remember my first plane trip to New York. I was amazed at how the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport was a world within a world. People were everywhere and everyone was in a rush. I felt as if I were in a marathon as I scurried to catch my plane. As I sat on US Airways Flight #785, I was exhausted but ready for adventure. I arrived in Philadelphia  (connecting flight) about an hour later only to discover my luggage was left in Atlanta. Though discouraged, nothing mattered because I was outside of Georgia and New York was lovely. I had a great conversation with an elder lady on my connecting flight and I even shared with her how afraid I was to fly because of what happened to Embry’s dad.  As I gave her my heart pour, she reached her wrinkled hand over to mine and placed her palm on my shaking hand and just squeezed it. What an affirmation and a case of no words at all. If I can recall correctly, she was going to visit her daughter or returning from a visit. One has to admire people who attack life head on and aren’t afraid to live despite life’s challenges and uncertainties. There is extreme beauty in hardship.  That’s the beauty of traveling, despite the haste of having to arrive on time and chasing elevators, there is extreme enjoyment and pleasure in arriving at your destination.

I turn 30 in a couple of months and though I’d love to go to New York again, I really think I am due for a bout in Las Vegas. This traveling soul is never resolved. I can only hope that I get to travel internationally more in the next few years. You only live once and while I am alive, I want to see the world and experience it, as well. Hey, I can always make each trip worthwhile by arranging book signings, right?!? *wink*

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  1. Nicholas Dean Whitbeck
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 02:48:38

    MiMi, I have always enjoyed reading your prose, muse, poetry, books and blog posts. You are extremely gifted and I really wish you the best in everything that you do! I do love to travel as well and can’t wait to do that from time to time without work getting in the way. Save me a trip somewhere.



    • MiMi Atkins
      Oct 16, 2011 @ 12:38:30

      Nick, I thank you for your unyielding support and faith in me. You are amazing. Let me know where you want to travel to and we can make it happen. God Bless You!


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