Proof’s in the Pudding

I could label this blog for it’s true title but how boring would that be. Soooo…… today I got my author copy (read: proof) at my job. It was supposed to take up to 15 “business” days to arrive but something told me that it would arrive within three days when I ordered it on Saturday evening. Yes, I am clairvoyant like that. Simply put, in another life I was a psychic, pretty much. But back to one of  the most excellent days of my life …..

During my planning today, I went to the office and asked, “Is there something here for me?” Our stylish secretary responded, “Yes, it is. It’s over there,” she said as she pointed me in the direction of a thinly shaped rectangular parcel. I knew then that it was “IT!” I ran to read the sender and lo and behold it was from the printing company. I couldn’t open it in the front office because I knew I would get emotional and be ubber excited, so I ran to the library like a little child in a candy store and told the librarian that “it” had arrived. We’d already planned to capture the moment on film so she ran to get her camera as I starred in awe at the parcel with my hands behind my back to refrain from being ravenous. I couldn’t believe it. It truly happened. I fulfilled another dream — I became a WRITER.

When she returned with the camera, I tore cautiously into the package and pulled out the book and just stared with my mouth wide open. I screamed, I danced, and I cried (on the inside). I exchanged hugs, happiness, and cheer with the library staff.  I ran and told my principal and she immediately began networking for me. She e-mailed several people. It felt good to have them share in my dream. I will never forget that momentous occasion, the treasured memory of receiving my VERY FIRST AUTHOR COPY, my VERY FIRST BOOK! My, was I bemused.

You see the picture above.  There. Remember my face.  Remember my name. The best is YET to come. It’s MY season and I claim it rightfully so.

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  1. Sabine A. Reed
    Oct 20, 2011 @ 23:54:53

    Congrats on your book. I know what it feels like to finally start doing what you were meant to do. Best of luck!


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