My Second Public Appearance

Today, I had the wonderful circumstance of sharing “Adventures in Rainbow Valley” with a local preschool. What a joy it was to share my characters with tiny, inquisitive bodies of sheer curiosity. The children were welcoming and so were their teachers. I got to meet the principal of the school and they all made a big deal of taking a picture with the “author.” Sometimes, when I should feel so big, I often feel very small — so as you can see, I am very much so like the flower in my story. I call it humility and modesty, what do you think?!?

All in all, I had a great visit and I enjoyed reading to the children. Every time I am surrounded around smiling faces, I am reminded of the impact we have on the future. In whatever capacity I work, I know that I have to feel like I am making a contribution to the lives of others and often that’s in a MAJOR way. That’s just MiMi.

Well, until I write again, please know that I am happily working on book #2 in the “AIRV” series and it’s ready for the first rounds of editing and then illustrations. I have also started writing other fiction books. Think thriller, romance, and suspense. Yeah, I write it all, people.

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