Isolated Ink

One of the salient commonalities of all writers is the fact that we are loners. We escape into the worlds in which we envision and our craniums become the instant abyss of our imaginations. Honestly, I have never been much of a loner. I’ve always been the flamboyant, vibrant spirit who talked incessantly. That’s me. Lately though, I find myself closed up in my room thinking, pondering, reflecting, and at times crying. Yes, crying. I cry a lot. Not sure why but you know it cleanses my soul. I think I cry because in a sense we are all queer, isolated beings with souls wandering here and there. Seeking to find the purpose of our existence, even if it is bane.  The more I think about the world and the people in it, I find it necessary to displace obscurity and focus on the truth. Sometimes it seems that everyone is so busy that they just don’t have time to interact anymore. With instantaneous gratification at our immediate fingertips, who needs to participate in the lost art of letter writing when you can text, e-mail, Skype, call, Facebook or even seen a tweet via Twitter? There’s no need to meet your friends for lunch at Starbucks to talk about the latest bestselling novels over a Peppermint Latte when you can update your Facebook status and solicit debate via comments and “likes.”  You can even post links to support your claims. I got so tired of Facebook a month ago that I deactivated it and vowed to only open it to download my pictures in a few months. I just got tired of knowing so much about people so now I don’t know.

So yeah, basically I think I cry out for the personable side of humanity that we are losing. Or are we really?!? Am I just old-school and would still prefer to chit chat with friends in person or have a good conversation face-to-face once in awhile. Should I just go with  the flow? Or be as avante-garde as Lady GaGa in a meat dress (Yuck, by the way) at an awards show?

I am not sure how long I will be a recluse. I have my moments when I want to be extremely sociable and then those times when I am a Scrooge if someone tries to force me to interact with the real world. I’m a teacher though, so for five days a week, I have to wear the mask of “agent for social change and innovator of brighter tomorrows.” It’s not that I don’t want to do it but I’d rather be somewhere curled up in a ball writing my heart away and living in MiMi Land, a trait that I have passed on to my daughter who is just as imaginative if not more than I am.

I shall return to my life, my secret world of simplicities where I reign and things go my way. Me and my pen – alone, hence the blog title: Isolated Ink. Until next time, friends………..

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  1. Paul
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 13:12:13

    Hi Mimi, What a neat blog! I thought I was a bit of a loner, then I realised that others who write like yourself suffer with the same delima. Maybe its our passion for the unknown that seeks both worlds. We authors desire to know folks and interact yet love to be alone to know more about ourselves. I guess, both worlds enhance creativity. I enjoy my quiet days, then come monday I have to escape and be with friends in the city. It’s strange but I guess enjoying both worlds is indeed a gift.

    Thanks for provoking thought here. I makes me realise why unique people are so creative and that being alone is something to be embraced rather than something to question.

    By the way, thanks for your visit the other day to ImageBreakers its appreciated



    • MiMi Atkins
      May 06, 2012 @ 18:42:14

      WOW! Thank you so much! I love everything that you said! Writers are loners in ways and at times we crave so much attention that it is ridiculous. Thank God for balance! Right?


  2. Amos Hoe
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 13:45:10

    Good explanation. I really like to see clearly IMDB


  3. Eva (@AdvocateEve)
    Nov 03, 2012 @ 22:43:06

    Great blog I felt the same way about FB every time I logged on my life would somehow get all out of order for example I would be on late and then would wake up late for work. It was also knowing to much so I vowed to only log in on Saturdays and that’s if all my studying is done. I think we do have to watch that we don’t live our lives on-line and neglect the ones that we truly care about.


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