Here I Stand

It’s been awhile since I blogged. I apologize in advance and I must become an avid blogger again since I need to build an audience for my books. The Adventures in Rainbow Valley series is coming along well and I sold quite a bit of books during the Christmas holidays. I beamed with pride as I autographed books and conversed with people about the journey. I’ve been editing the 2nd book and working on a book targeted at young, Black males entitled, Frankie Mincey, Tie Your Shoes! I was inspired to write the book based on a former student who tickled me with glee with the innocence of his youth and the pride he held in academia and the arts. I felt he was admirable and would be a welcome character for minority males. He defies the odds and breaks social barriers and stereotypes.

On today, I took How Big is Your Faith? to the local news station in the town I reside in and left it with a news anchor and talk show host. I should be making my first t.v. appearance soon and I am excited about that.

Earlier this week, I did an interview with a young lad (This Kid Book Reviews) who houses a book review blog here. As a mother and a teacher, I am always impressed with children who love to read. He had some very interesting questions for me and as all kids, he loved the illustrations in How Big is Your Faith? I will post the link to the interview when he makes it public. The school I work for also posted a huge window display in the media center to recognize me on the publishing of my first book. I’m deeply humbled and moved by all God’s doing.

Before Christmas, I made my second public appearance at a Pre-K developmental school and the students were so awesome. Their curiosity and nuances had me smiling because it reminded me of how antsy I was as a child. I didn’t mind that when I asked them, “Do you have any questions for me?” That they would instead make a statement like, “I really like your book,” or “I want to be a writer, too,” or the all time compliment every aging woman loves to hear, “You are so pretty!” *sigh* The age of innocence will forever win me over with children.

As I close this blog, myriads of other blog topics are roaring through my cranium. The juices are a flowing so I promise to be back very soon. In the meanwhile, may God bless you and you chase the rainbows of life, and at the end, a pot of gold awaits your grasp

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  1. Patricia Tilton
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 17:26:25

    It takes time to build your platform and it might be helpful if you check out some of the activities many published and unpublished writers are involved in. We are a supportive community and have fun. You can check out Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 campaign and other campaigns on our websites. There will be a Rachael Harrie will run her Platform Building Campign in Feb. — great way to network and get your book out. And, check out author Emma Walton Hamilton’s Children’s Book Hub on FB — it’s a closed group but, you can request to join. Hope this helps you.


  2. MiMi Atkins
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 20:28:03

    I must look into all that you suggested. Thanks, Patricia! I love marketing and meeting new people such as yourself. Are you on


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