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Coming November 1, 2011

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Faith is no ordinary sunflower. She is adventurous, inquisitive, alluring, and a blossoming spirit. But Faith has a problem. She struggles daily with being the tiniest sunflower in the patch. With the help of her friends and a “mystery voice,” Faith soon learns the uniqueness of a sunflower and that it is the size of her “faith” that matters most in Rainbow Valley.

As Faith and her friends, Beezle the Bumblebee, Fergie the Frog, and Callie the Caterpillar travel and explore the many lands in Rainbow Valley, they meet new friends, embark on exciting adventures, and face tough challenges. Along the way, they learn about self- acceptance and the power of friendship.

2010 Release

Finally is a poetry compilation that I edited for a friend of mine during the spring and summer of 2010. It was released during Fall 2010 and Tramaine L. Bailey has been busy with book signings, open mic performances and appearances, interviews on a variety of blog talk shows and other publicity venues.

Here is my review of Finally:

The poetry in Finally is relevant and oftentimes picturesque. The author’s use of imagery and dialect are riveting. It was a pleasure to read and at times I found myself amongst the speaker of the poems and that made the themes realistic. On a cold, windy, rainy night or a breezy day in the park, snuggle up to poetry with a rhythmic and sultry feel. You’ll be glad you did, “finally.” Pun’s intended. The artwork that assists some of the pieces are enough to spark the writer in us all. The artwork for “Richard’s Hands,” was skillfully and masterfully breathtaking.

Future Release

Unless She Forgives is in process and will be  my first literary thrust to the adult literary realm.  I am trying to decide if it will be a memoir or fiction. Either way, the main character’s development will mirror my life.

In an effort to raise money for a cause I am passionate about I will donate a percentage of my book’s earnings to a non-profit organization of my choice. My mission is to support an organization in Haiti. It is my desire that we seek hope, health, and healing through others’ stories and work together to build a nation nearly torn by a natural disaster. 100% of the proceeds from “Hold My Hand” (an anthology) will go to a humanitarian effort in Haiti (H.A.I.T.I. HERO) whose aim is for education and children. We will build up what is tore down, one child at a time.

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